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Grounding into Simplicity

ARE YOU READY to shift from fear to courage?

Move from feeling anxious to feeling grounded?

Do you feel the shift?

During this time of change and uncertainty in our human journey it’s natural for emotions and feelings to come up to take us to our soul’s journey.. By taking the time to ground and connect to the sweet and simple things in life we transform, we attune ourselves to the cycles of life and lean into the shift instead of pushing against it.

When re-focus our intentions back to connection to Self and the earth, we ground our bodies and work with the anchoring simplicity of our breath to root back into our inner strength and positive energy, staying in our center and at peace.

Join me and a community of sisters for a 12 week online journey as we Ground into Simplicity!

Together we create a cocoon of care, kindness and compassion all around yourself.

Simplicity is the state or quality of BEing simple. Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to contact with the earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outside or sitting on the earth, thereby transferring the energy from the ground into our body. In short, I believe simplicity is being ‘outwardly more simple and inwardly more rich.. rooting into this state of BEing grounded in nature is what is truly calling us home during this great shift we are experiencing on our planet.

Grounding into Simplicity is not a return to a primitive or “old way of life”, but rather growth in a new different direction—one that is personal and deeply fulfilling rather than material.

We will be gathering weekly over Zoom calls and in a private FB Community group. There will be 3 guest teachers sharing their experience and expertise on some of our modules. This offering combines 1:1 private space holding calls, a monthly group full moon circle call, PDF workbooks and a Facebook community.

You will have the support of a group during in this journey, we all are moving through this change as a collective, are you READY to take the leap?

There are only 15 seats!


Are you feeling depressed, anxious and stressed?

Has that little voice within been desperate to get your attention?

Are you ready to take personal responsibility for your life?

Are you ready to empower yourself to do things differently?

Are you ready to break through the mental and emotional barriers keeping you anxious and up in the air, instead of rooted to the earth and grounded?

If so… then Grounding into Simplicity is for you!

Here are your next steps…

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Check in with your heart and reserve your seat

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Step 1 of 3: Check out the program content

Why I created the program; we are human BEings and now that the world is at a pause we are asking ourselves deep questions, we are contemplating on what REALLY matters, what TRULY brings us joy? We feel the pull to a NEW way of living and this can be scary and lonely..

This process of“Awakening” is not for everyone and seldom just “love and light”… it can be messy, emotional and unroot us. I’ve created this program for women who are waking up and feeling the pull to BE more, feel more and connect more to Self and the simplicity of life, but are not sure how to get through this BIG transition..

Module 1: The Art of creating a sacred space and an altar

1. How to build an intentional altar for meditation and spiritual practice
2. Learn how a safe sacred space can be an anchor for grounding and a way to help manifest your intentions.

Guest Teacher: TBA



Module 2: The power of a grounding practice 

1. How to create a Sadhana morning practice for physical strength, balance and mental health
2. Explore Mindfulness and Meditation practices for grounding & balance

Guest Teacher: TBA


Module 3: Movement is Medicine

1. Learn embodiment practices & tools on how to get out of your head and into your body and heart.
2. Learn how to move and connect with the elements to support mind, body spirit wellbeing.

Guest Teacher: TBA

Module 4: Cyclical Wisdom & Selfcare

1. Learn ways on how to work with your cycle to flow and sharpen your intuition and tap into your womb wisdom.
2. Explore the gifts of selfcare: Learn how to do a Yoni steam at home, breast massage, womb massage and yoni egg practices for optimal health.

Guest Teacher: TBA


Module 5: Calm your nervous system

1. Learn techniques to tame the fight or flight response and
live more presently in the state of rest & digest
2. Explore tools for a total nervous system reset with
energy medicine and breath work


Guest Teacher: TBA



Module 6: Joyful Simplicity with Soundhealing

1. Study soundhealing techniques for stress reduction,
anxiety and improved memory
2. Learn how to utilize your voice as a healing tool for grounding
and brining harmony to your energy centers

Guest Teacher: TBA

Are you…

  • Feeling lost, depressed and overwhelmed?
  • Is your mind running away with thoughts and making you feel anxious and stressed?
  • Is your body feeling heavy and you are unable to get anything done?
  • Do you feel scared and lonely?
  • Do you feel that you are moving through a big shift but unsure how to deal with the changes?
  • Are you searching for other women who can relate with your own process?
  • Are you finding yourself going back into old addictive patterns as a stress response and don’t know how to break the pattern?
  • Are you looking for new ways to live simply, feel grounded and safe in your body?

Guest Teachers: TBA

I’m honored to welcome my dear sisters to share their wisdom and embodied experience.

 **These where the guest teachers of our first launch!**

How does Grounding into Simplicity benefit you in your life?

  • Learn tools and techniques to ground and feel safe and supported in your body and environment
  • Explore new ways to support your physical, mental and spiritual connection to self and the earth
  • Learn Simple breath techniques to relieve stress and promote longevity
  • Create a unique movement practice that supports your body and mind, a practice that you can benefit from daily
  • Understand your cyclical nature and how your moon cycle can support and empower you through different phases
  • Learn new ways of taking care of your nervous system and mental health
  • Explore ways to tap into joy and simplicity when the world around you shapeshift
  • Understand new ways on how to stay in your center and at peace during uncertain times by utilizing your voice as a healing tool


If you are feeling depressed, lonely, hyper sensitive and fear flooding your being, then I want to remind you that you are NOT alone, your awakening is “in progress”.. I’ve been working with hundreds of women who are also feeling this pull to something new, I know this is scary and can feel overwhelming but I’m here to guide and support you. I have witnessed the power of how these “tools” I’ll be sharing in this offering can support your process. What I’m sharing with you is all the tool’s that I’ve been working with to support my own awakening process for the last 6 years..

Sister you are about to step into a NEW version of you, one that is filled with the simple joys of life and rooted in the nurturing energy of our Earth Mother. NOW is your time! I’m calling women who are READY to commit to themselves and their process. Those that are ready to take radical self responsibility. The women who are here to create this beautiful NEW EARTH we are birthing together.

I welcome you into a new way of BEING simply YOU!


Registration Opens FULL MOON October 1st 2020

Group Program starts NEW MOON November 15th 2020

Normally $997

Now only $333, when you pay in FULL.

VIP Package $666 includes 3 x 1:1 Mentorship calls
Payment Plan 3 Payments of $222

Single Module Sliding scale $111-$222 

2 FULL scholarships available by application
Email: to apply

  What you receive:

  • 1 x Recorded class on each module by Tish
  • 1 x Downloadable PFD integration workbook for each module
  • 6 Guest Teacher classes via Zoom PLUS gifts 
  • 1 x Sound healing meditation   
  • 2 x  Full Moon ceremonies in our circle per month with special guests
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • FB sisterhood community support group
  • Bonus: Womb healing meditation
  • Lifetime access to course content, as well as future editions of the program
  • Recommended reading list
  • LIVE classes will be every Wednesday 10am MST.

Words from Tish

It would be an honor to support you and be a guide for your personal transformation and awakening process. For it is times like these that we are faced with the company we keep in the empty moments; ourselves. We are being called to do the inner work collectively. To learn again to love who we are, to learn to hold ourselves with understanding, forgiveness and a great deal of love. Let this time bring you nearer to the love and acceptance you’ve always craved, the one that comes from your own being. Welcome the simple joys of life and rest back in your soul with comfort.

Let us walk each other home sister, I see you, I honor you. With love in JOY.

Tish taught me not to be too hard on myself, to be patient as success doesn’t happen overnight, to embrace all the challenges I go through even if they seem dull and boring, and most importantly, to live, I have often ignored the need for stability and balance in all aspects of life, and this would leave me quite empty. May God bless you, you’re truly an amazing person and I was so lucky to have you

Lisa Scott